Your Black World: NCAA v. Fantasy Football and CBS Sports

August 13, 2008

by Marc Isenberg

NFL fantasy has been a big deal for several years. But college football fantasy has lagged, not because there isn’t any interest, but because fantasy sports is seemingly at odds with NCAA bylaws covering both gambling and marketing. While the NFL and many other pro leagues partnered with sites offering fantasy sports, the NCAA has steered clear. 

(Warning: In order to sound slightly intelligent on this weighty legal matter, I consulted a top expert with extensive knowledge of sports and entertainment law. Not just any lawyer…my wife, Debbie, who provided the verbiage in the following paragraph.)

In June the Supreme Court refused to review the 8th Circuit’s holding in CDM Fantasy Sports Corp. v. Major League Baseball Advanced Media (MLBAM) that the First Amendment rights of a fantasy league operator to publish news and statistics outweigh MLBAM and players’ state law rights of publicity to their names.

Back to plain English after the jump.

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