Dr Boyce Watkins: Why I applaud Jeremy Tyler

May 11, 2009

Jeremy TylerIn light of Jeremy Tyler’s decision to skip his senior year of high school in order to play basketball in Europe, I thought I would provide some perspective.

You see, I’ve taught at 5 major universities over the past 16 years, nearly all of whom have big time athletics programs. I have long been confused regarding why the NCAA is allowed to restrict the labor rights of college athletes and keep many Black families away from the multi-billion dollar revenue stream that they themselves enjoy. What is even more interesting is how they seem just so downright offended when young players decide to head out into the world to earn some of this money for their own families.

I am proud of Tyler, especially since he appears to want to get his education, in addition to earning a living from his talent. He will likely get a better education by being home schooled in Europe than he would get from the farce of an education he is likely to receive from a university that is using him for his basketball talent. I’ve seen this system up close for many years, and it is my greatest dream that Black men will wake up and realize who is actually getting the money from all of this.

Some people don’t understand how the system works, so I thought I would explain it all in a poem. I call it "The Big Brown Baller." Read on …

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