Steve McNair’s Life was Complicated

October 20, 2009

Steve McNair pictured. Sahel Kazemi has been idenitfied as his killer and Leah Ignagni pictures have been released.

Update: Exclusive pictures of both Leah Ignagni and Sahel Kazemi have been released.

This week, Nashville, Tenn., police released an updated case summary on the murder-suicide of former NFL quarterback Steve McNair and his mistress, Sahel Kazemi. Police identified Leah Ignagni as McNair’s possible second girlfriend. Ignagni told police that she believed Kazemi had been following her in the weeks before McNair’s death. According to Kazemi’s roommate, Emily Andrews, Kazemi knew about Ignagni.
According to the report:
Andrews said that Kazemi told her that [Kazemi] found a tampon in the bathroom wastebasket in the Lea Avenue condo, and on another occasion, saw a female leaving the condo.

Police are not saying that the relationship played a role in the incident.

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3 Responses to “Steve McNair’s Life was Complicated”

  1. Hortense Says:

    I hope this one gets to you. I will explain when it does. The front or the back?

  2. Mici Says:

    Reggie Bush what?? These guys need to slow it down ASAP. Seriously, they have to look @ the big picture don’t commit to these women if you are not ready to settle down. The POWER complex will be your down fall.

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