Tiger Woods Update: Another Tiger Mistress Says She Was Paid to Keep Sex Tape Off the Market

December 9, 2010

by Dr. Boyce Watkins, Syracuse University – Scholarship in Action 

Devon James is both a porn star and yet another woman who claimed that she slept with Tiger Woods. She is also a person who may be delusional, at least if you ask some of her friends. While it might be old news by now that Tiger likes to spend quality time with porn stars, the not-so-old news is that James claims that Tiger paid her a significant sum of money in order to avoid releasing their sex tape. By the way, she is also the one saying that she and Tiger have a love child.
James and her husband have been selling pre-orders for the tape for $19.99 through a website. The orders were to be shipped on December 1 of this year, but never arrived. There were also no explanations regarding why the tapes were never shipped. James says it’s because she and her hubby were waiting for a settlement to come through from Woods’ team, and that the settlement finally arrived (perhaps Tiger, like Obama, wanted to make sure that those in need received their benefits before Christmas).


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