Tiger Woods’ Caddie Appears Angry, Plans to Write a Tell-All Book

July 24, 2011

by Dr. Boyce Watkins

It appears that Tiger Woods’ wife is not the only person who has a bone to pick with him.  Tiger’s former caddy, Steve Williams, is planning to write a tell-all book about his life with Woods, and some expect that it’s not going to be pretty.  After serving by Tiger’s side for 12 years, Williams was fired recently, and doesn’t appear to be happy about it.  As a result, Williams is already letting the drama fly like a golf ball into a breezy summer day.

Williams has mentioned that one of the chapters of his book will be all about Woods and their relationship.  Of course, this is the chapter that got him the book deal, and the one that everyone is waiting to see.

“It will be just one of those interesting chapters in the book,” Williams said. “You learn a lot from reading biographies. I’m a big reader of those. Mine won’t be any different.”

Williams made it clear that he’s not happy with the timing of his dismissal.

“I’m not disappointed that I got fired, just disappointed in the tim[ing]of it, given how loyal I’ve been to him,” Williams said. “That obviously didn’t mean much to him.”

Williams also feels that Tiger is not a very loyal person, at least not as loyal as he is.

“I’m a stickler for loyalty. I stuck with Tiger through a difficult period when a lot of people thought that I should have left his side when things were not going the way they should have been going,” he said.

The more that is revealed to the public, the clearer the picture becomes.  Tiger Woods, at least based on what most of us can see, appears to be as much of a self-centered, dysfunctional egomaniac as many speculated when he hit the scene back in 1997.  Tiger’s reputation for ruthlessness, which was well-marketed and praised in the early part of the decade, now presents itself as a good old-fashioned character flaw.

I remember how the media admired the fact that Tiger would march out onto the golf course like a soldier preparing for war, not even looking up to smile at his own mother.   I recall someone telling me about a five-year old boy begging Tiger for an autograph, with Woods so focused on putting practice that the little boy ceased to exist.  I remember hearing about how the ever-so arrogant pseudo-institution called “Team Tiger” was locked down like a fortress, instantly ending long-term friendships whenever any of Tiger’s friends said a peep to the media.  It was all a bit much and Tiger seemed to take himself and his golf tournaments a bit too seriously.

Now, Tiger appears to be finding that chickens eventually come home to roost.  He is learning that reckless behavior has consequences, and how you treat other human beings is a reflection of the substance which lies inside of you.  He is learning that there are more important things in life than winning golf tournaments, and also that he is not the center of the universe.

I’m not sure what kind of person Steve Williams happens to be.  But the reality is that there has always been something about Tiger’s spirit that I both admired and feared, all at the same time.  He’s not like Venus and Serena Williams, two black people for whom you can both cheer and love.  Tiger is the “Cau-bla-in-asian) guy that you wish well but thank God that you don’t have to be anywhere near him.   A man can have all the money in the world, but if his soul is rotten, he may end up creating hell on earth for himself and other people.

Dr. Boyce Watkins is a Professor at Syracuse University and founder of the Your Black World Coalition.  To have Dr. Boyce commentary delivered to your email, please click here. 


17 Responses to “Tiger Woods’ Caddie Appears Angry, Plans to Write a Tell-All Book”

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  4. SapphiresMomma Says:

    Dr. Watkins,

    Please tell us why you assume/indicate that the chapter on Tiger’s life with his caddy will be not be pretty?

    I am sure he has had ups and downs with Tiger after all these years, and Tiger has helped to make this man a millionair!

    In addition, you failed to mention that Tiger said that he considers Mr. WIlliams to be a good friend, and you failed to mention that Mr. WIlliams had know 2-3 weeks before it came out that their working relationship was coming to an end!

    Why are you indicating that Tiger’s “soul is rotten” Do you know Tiger personally?

    Ohh, but I know what it is about. You (a scholar), wrote him off a long time ago because you did not like that he acknowledged his mother’s race as being a part of him. You fell into the “Tiger Woods does not want to be black” foolishness, when the man loved his black father so much, gave him all the credit and respect, and made sure he was acknowledged all over the world, and who grieved so hard when he lost his beloved black father, and showed the world his grief. In fact, I believe Tiger is still suffering from the loss of his black father.

    Sorry, but sometimes you do not come off as a “scholar”, but as someone writing for a rag to grab attention.

    • wildn0102 Says:

      I’ve said this about Boyce a long, long time ago!

      Although I have my issues with Boyce’s articles, I do agree to an extent with this article.

      Tiger Woods, IMHO, never accepted the Black communtiy. He adored his father, but did he show the same for his father’s community? He has half-brothers and sisters (via( Earl Woods that he never communicates with. Untlil Barack Obama burst onto the scene, I truly don’t think he had a lot of respect for Black women in general. Minister Farrakhan asked, “A nanny?!” Tiger watched how Michelle Obama carried herself and saw how happy she made Barack. I believe his mother played a role when it came to Black women!

  5. TROUTH Says:

    YES ! I AGREE !

  6. claudia Says:

    I always thought Tiger Woods was a rich arrogant, finger been stuck so long and far up his ass that he himself cant pull it out even if Tiger wanted too. The point I’m making is I know by being a millionaire and having the world at your feet can do terrible things to a person mind, one thing it does it makes you feel like you’re invisible and nobody can touch you. The problem I always had with Tiger is that he dont have black friends and I believe that even though he has a black daddy he still acknowledges more of the Asian side of his race. We all must remember he was raised to honor the Asian side of his color much more. Tiger has always oust the black side of him. Yes, I know he honored his black father but that doesn’t make him accept what he really is in race. Even in his golfing he always took pride in his self as a man who isnt black and he has always shun that fact in his own life. So the caddy makes a interesting point. Tiger has became a beast within.

  7. pqlmilty Says:

    why does any of this matter? Is the knowledge of sin in someone else’s life change anything we do? What are we doing that eliminates this appearance of evil around our sphere of influence. We mark those who labor among us
    and pray we reflect the good attitude , faithful character and commitment to the betterment of others and then our community will progress to the level freedom we so earnestly desire.

    • Little Mouse (Not) Says:

      Agreed. He’s an athlete. There are dozens of athletes doing stupid things at any particular time. His trainwreck fueled by success and arrogance is not unique. His singlemindedness on the golf course is what made him successful (in terms of money and status, perhaps not in his personal life, as we’ve found). Everybody chill the —- out. Tiger doesn’t tell you how to live.

      PS: Tiger may not “acknowledge” his blackness but he’ll still be Black to white people. I don’t think he owes anybody anything. By that logic, I should be working to preserve and extend racial preferences and income inequality because I benefit from both of these in my life. Whatever.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Im not advocating bash tiger,yet the media and golf publications helped create this monster of an individual.

  9. SapphiresMomma Says:

    I still can’t understand why Tiger Woods is such a “monster”??


    I do not want to see him fail or fall. His foundations help many BLACK KIDS, and I have no problem with that.

    As for his personal life, that was between he and his wife and any other woman he may have been with. This is nothing to call him a monster about, and if it is he seems to be in good company!

    And as for his not wanting to be black (which of course many black folks took that and ran with it), I have never read or heard Tiger say he was not black!

    Tiger looks more Asia than black in my opinion, and he is not all black. His mother is Asian!

  10. anonymous Says:

    Who cares. So now Tiger Woods is a monster. And how do you really diagnose that he is a psycho, arrogant, and borderline serial killer?

    And people get fired every day for no reason. Get over it. Besides, look at all the millions his caddy made.

    You see the real lesson is that you can never fire a white man and a black man is never allowed to quit. Just ask LeBron…another psycho, arrogant, serial killer.

  11. Anonymous Says:

    For Heavn’s sake! He’s an effing caddie. Has American gullibility sunk so low as to validate the tripe of a hewer of wood and drewer of water?

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