Wade, Anthony and Paul Say They Would Consider Playing Overseas if a Lockout Hits

August 3, 2011

By JasmineHughes

NBA players Dwyane Wade, Carmelo Anthony and Chris Paul will consider alternative options abroad if there is no decision made on the NBA lockout.

The three just ended their week-long promotional tour of China, where they have been monitoring news from home about the NBA’s labor gridlock.

Last week, Paul and Anthony said in Hong Kong they would consider moving to China, where there is a huge NBA following.

“As far as coming over here, we’ve always said this whole trip that our options are open,” the 27-year-old Anthony said Tuesday after playing Chinese teenagers at a promotional event. “Hopefully, we won’t have to take that route – coming over here. Hopefully, we have a season, but who knows, we shall see.”

Owners and players are still far apart in negotiations on a collective bargaining agreement to replace the one that expired June 30.

All three players are members of the U.S.team that won the 2008 Olympic gold medal in Beijing. The 26-year-old Paul said they had a lot of fun on their China tour.

“We will be back soon I hope,” the New Orleans Hornets point guard said.

You will notice Wade is not quoted, nor is there a mention of any specific possible overseas options for the Heat guard amid the lockout, and with good reason.

While we can speculate about which NBA player might land where should the lockout extend into the season, Wade stands in a unique place among NBA players, as an NBA single parent with primary custody of two young sons.  He remains a staple in their lives and that is greatly affecting his decisions.

While no concrete decisions have been reached, the three NBA stars all have promising careers and will continue to ‘keep their options open.’

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