Mayweather’s Dad Says that Pacquiao Should Submit to a Drug Test in the United States

August 8, 2011

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Floyd Mayweather Sr. wants Manny Pacquiao to stay in the U.S to take the random blood tests in order for him to fight his son Floyd Mayweather Jr. Recently, Pacquiao’s promoter Bob Arum said that his fighter Pacquiao would be taking random drug tests from the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) while Pacquiao is training in the Philippines for a fight against Mayweather.

However, Mayweather wants the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) to be the ones that conduct the testing for performance enhancing drugs.  Arum says that the USADA doesn’t test fighters outside of the U.S, and Pacquiao will do the major brunt of his training in the Philippines.

The testing would be done by the WADA, who would then likely contract out to local labs in the Philippines, as they don’t actually do the testing themselves. Mayweather Sr. is saying that unless Pacquiao does his training in the U.S, so that the USADA can test Pacquiao during the entire training camp, there won’t be a Mayweather- Manny Pacquiao fight.




19 Responses to “Mayweather’s Dad Says that Pacquiao Should Submit to a Drug Test in the United States”

  1. Jason Says:

    Why? Is the Mayweathers the authorities of boxing? Do they make the rules now in boxing? The writer is likewise the same as the bullshit Mayweathers!

  2. ronnie g. Says:

    If pacquiao camp gives in to the dictated terms of the mayweathers they are already losers, so what if the fight doesn’t happen, to hell with those mayweathers. both of them loses tons of money anyway, money can still be earned elsewhere but no compromise to principles.

  3. Gaywigger Says:

    Manny’s got a lot of responsibilities outside boxing world that Mayweather Sr’s idea for Manny to have all his training days in U.S. is a very stupid thing. How can Congressman Pacquiao take his leave of absence for such a long period of time just to accommodate the Mayweathers?

  4. abner Says:

    there goes another alibi to duck the fight with pacquiao. they dont really want the fight no matter how much money. floyds afraid for his son’s life he said before that if team pacquiao will agree they will still look for other demands to prevent it from happening. forget about this fight itll never happen

  5. Anonymous Says:

    your all fucking morons i assume that your an american writer so im sure that you know the fucking reasons why MANNY doesnt hold his entire training camp in the U.S. as he always does because if he overstays in the U.S. the IRS will charge him more…do you get the point…..your suppose to be smart so i assume that you know nothing about boxing and its business….peace brother

  6. Bill delaney Says:

    at 70 years of age I have seen the consequences of self enhancing drugs and my great example is Lyle alzado an oakland raider who died at 43

  7. Bill delaney Says:

    The reality is that self enhancing drugs have become a part of sports at every level. What happened to pure athletics that during my years proved that you were capable without enhancements. Now we find that everyone is doing it, and I believe that he is important enough that he should not die and early death to boost some Filipinos egos. History has shown that athletes lose prowess as the increase in weight, and he is not an exception, he is the rule, Stop B.S. ing yourself

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