NFL Player Misses His Chance to Meet President Obama

August 15, 2011

black athletes, desmond bishop

by Shani K. Collins

Can you imagine the disappointment Green Bay Packers linebacker Desmond Bishop must have felt on Friday when he was not allowed to enter the White House to meet President Obama with his teammates?   The reason for his non-entry into the White House: he left his driver’s license on the team’s charter plane.

Winning the Super Bowl is a rare opportunity that only few football teams in America experience.   Likewise, the opportunity to travel to the White House, to celebrate your team’s success over lunch with the President is more rare.  Desmond Bishop would have been wise to have kept his driver’s license in his pocket, or to have brought the missing identification issue to the attention of others in charge of the trip.  I am sure Packers personnel would have hustled to make this rare opportunity a reality for Bishop.   After all, I am certain he is not the first person in history to forget identification when visiting the White House.  Perhaps the difference is that others took action sooner, before they actually reached White House security.

Clearly bummed about the mishap, Bishop tweeted “Tho dissapointed, i ll live vicariously thru my fellow Teammates.. Nap time.. As jack reacher wud say “sleep wen u can.”   Hopefully Bishop will have a second chance to meet the President.  If the Packers win the Super Bowl in 2012, maybe he will.   Either way, let’s hope Bishop remembers to bring his driver’s license.

As for now, Bishop can add this experience to his list of “lessons learned.”   Better luck next time.

Shani K. Collins is a social work doctoral student at the University of Alabama.  You may visit her at


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