World Record Holder Usain Bolt False Starts and Loses in World Championships

August 28, 2011

Usain Bolt

Your Black World reports.

All the show-boating, speed and endorsements in the world don’t mean a thing if you can’t win the big race.  World record holder Usain Bolt embarrassed himself and disappointed millions by false starting in the finals of the 100 meter dash at the World Championships.

Bolt had been easily devouring the competition, as he’s done for the last three years.  There was no question that he would be the winner, and the only question was what he would do in celebration of his big win.  Instead, Bolt lost focus and false started, leading him to automatic disqualification.

"Looking for tears?" Bolt said to reporters who annoyed him with questions about the disqualification. "Not going to happen."

Instead of the winner everyone expected, it was Bolt’s Jamaican teammate, Yohan Blake, who won the title in a relatively slow 9.92.  Blake was the only sprinter to break the 10-second barrier, which Bolt has done quite easily in the past.

Walter Dix of the United States earned second place with a time of 10.08 seconds and Kim Collins of Saint Kitts took third in 10.09.

"I didn’t really think they were going to kick him out," Dix said. "How can you kick Usain out of the race?"


2 Responses to “World Record Holder Usain Bolt False Starts and Loses in World Championships”

  1. D.a.g Says:

    Wow! Magnificent talentatch with supreme confidence and not a hint of arrogance; however, I thought there were 3 false starts availed to the competitors? What’s up with this summary dismissal via one error?

  2. GSharpJoker Says:

    Nope, you only get one FS. They changed the rule a few years ago.

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