Da Season for Distribution: A 2012 BCS Revenue Sharing Plan

January 9, 2012

Submitted by Emmett Gill of the Student Athletes Human Rights Project

The BCS bowl season guarantees coaches millions and host cities billions, but the players receive $250 to $500 gift bags. The BCS bowl season also guarantees conversations in favor and opposition of player revenue sharing.  Critics have suggested that players are paid via the opportunity to attend college and that schools cannot afford to pay players.  In truth, the only valid reason to question revenue sharing is because advocates have not developed a fair method of revenue sharing for the workers. 
Da Season for Distribution: A 2012 BCS Revenue Sharing Plan begins to address this question by importing NFL percentage of payroll data to determine the salaries of BCS starters and reserves.  Based on the performances of the five BCS players with the highest projected salaries Da Season may represent a meaningful step in developing a player revenue sharing.  The BCS players with the five highest projected revenue shares accounted for thirteen hundred yards in total offense during their 2012 BCS performances.

According to Da Season Mountaineers QB Geno Smith has the highest projected bowl revenue share at $104,070. Following Smith is Hokies QB Logan Thomas ($98,160), Wolverines QB Denard Robinson ($94,846), Cardinal QB Andrew Luck ($90,133), and Cowboys WR Justin Blackmon ($89,155).  The only player in the BCS national championship game is the Crimson Tide LB Don’t’a Hightower at $88,000.  The Wolverines RB Vincent Smith is the reserve player with the highest projected salary at $51,700.  The average projected revenue share for offensive players ranged from, $71,938 (QB’s) to $10,724 (RG’s) and defensive shares ranged from $49,456 (MLB’s) to $21,583 (SLB’s).

In The Price, by Ellen Staurowsky and the NCPA, the projected regular season revenue share for a FBS football player was $121,048. Thus, Geno Smith’s regular and post-season projected revenue share is $225,748.

SI’s Seth Davis, in his retort to Taylor Branch’s revenue-sharing proposal suggested that players get “something” and the only place the notion of revenue sharing is gaining traction is in the media.  “Something” is not a fair market share and the media’s influence on sports is monstrous. Moreover, sharing the Benjamin’s (Davis used this word several times and I wonder why?) does not violate opportunities guaranteed by Title IX, bowl revenue is not supposed to be budgeted by athletic departments, and with conference revenue sharing plan’s every BCS player would get some Benjamin’s.
To see the full report visit www.studentathletesrights.com


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