Tiger Woods is Angry abut Upcoming Book

January 22, 2012

Tiger Woods, who has fallen from grace over the last two years, is feeling a bit threatened by a new tell-all book being released by his former coach, Hank Haney.  In an interview with ESPN, Woods broke from his typically well-disciplined demeanor to go into a tirade about the new book.

"I think it’s unprofessional and very disappointing," Woods [said], "especially because it’s someone I worked with and trusted as a friend.

"There have been other one-sided books about me, and I think people understand that this book is about money. I’m not going to waste my time reading it."

The book, called “The Big Miss,” is expected to be released in March.

Woods has been attacked by several of his former colleagues, who define him to be a bit demanding and difficult to work with.  His former wife,


17 Responses to “Tiger Woods is Angry abut Upcoming Book”

  1. BlackBeauty Says:

    Yeah, yeah, yeah!

    People are always coming forward to make sure they get a piece of the money pie, after the fact.

    Tiger is a human being just like the rest of us. Working with someone is always going to bring disagreements, but roaches like this man (his ex coach) it is simply about the money.

    I am sure that we all have had people in our lives that we would not want them to write a book about us.

    Leave this man alone!

    • Anonymous Says:

      steve williams will wrte a book next and kick the man who made him famous. cddis were nobodys untill tiger made that ool famous and rich ungrateful dogs hank o personaty haney and wish ii was tiger wood, steve williams. butch harmn did not have to write a jealousy book, he is famous in his own write not hanging on to somene elses fame .

  2. joey Says:

    Tiger Woods has not yet reached rock bottom, that is what he needs, after all the things that has happened to him is is still not himble, he has a God complex, he does not treat people the way they should be treated, money does not make you a better person, trash will always be trash no matter how much money you have! His family deserves more, his kids deserve more, you can over come being a cheater, but to cheat as many times as he did he has no feeling for anyone except his self, he deserves everything that has happened to him and in Gods eyes I’m sure there is more to come!

    • Anonymous Says:

      you envious people are so stupid you act like tiger cheated on you. his wife has gotten over it you people who need to be living your own lives instead of his need to get over it. get a life and leave tigers alone.

  3. Darnell Says:

    I agree Tiger has not hit rock bottom, nor does he really have any remorse for what he did. He must realize that his world not be the same unless he asked forgiveness from the right person and thats not man, but GOD. He is the only one who can redeem him both spiritually and professionally.

  4. Carli Says:

    What a slime ball. This is why famous people and people in general have to be so guarded. Don’t tell them a thing unless you’ve known them from childhood. There’s no other reason to write this book than jealousy and money.

  5. PatheticReligion Says:


  6. Shellfish789 Says:

    Not good to trust too many people with your personal life….and also marry someone just because society think she is a “Eye Candy”

    Eye Candies are poison and Greedy….

  7. Shellfish789 Says:

    He married a NUT……Just because she has blonde hair do not mean she is going to be “For You” make a good wife or be good to your children…..

    I bet if she did not DYE her hair platinum Blonde (White)..

    She would look very ethnic or even Mexican

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Well this is the same man that said he was not black when will yall learn when you can no longer make them rich and have nothing to give you are who you are

    • anonymous Says:

      Unfortunately this comment is very true. He did deny his race, he did go against God’s commandments, however he is still one of God’s children. If God sent his “Only” begotten son to die for us! Our sins, and asked God to forgive us! Who are we to not forgive? Tiger is one of the many black men in our society who has fallen to scandal , but this should be a lesson to those young children you’re raising up to be men one day. Keep God first in your life!

  9. Paul Pigg Says:

    People are people . Far from perfect, unless yall know him personally you should not have any judgement against then man. No one never acknowledges that they all those women made a choice to sleep with him. It all about money!! you never know what you will do under the right circumstances.. Its a whole different story when it about you.

  10. D'na Craigs Says:

    Hey Tiger…go cry me a river!!! You should of thought about all of that when you were whoring around and screwing with the minds, money and careers of those working. This is one book that I will read…because I know Hank is going to bring THE FIRE!!! and take the lid completely off of your fake arse!!

  11. Anonymous Says:

    People are amazing to me! How does anybody know whether or not Tiger has asked for forgiveness from his wife or from God? Do you follow him around everywhere? How do you know he has no remorse? Do you know his heart? Or did he call you and tell you that he has not asked for forgiveness and has no remorse for what he’s done?

    How long does he have to suffer? Seems his wife has moved on. Why can’t strangers do the same? People fall and make mistakes all the time. I’m not defending his actions, but people who are so critical of someone (ongoing) that they don’t know, I wonder how clean THEIR closet is? Probably just as messy as Tiger’s was. Even if you’ve never cheated on a spouse, you may have some INWARD venom going on in your life. It’s clearly double standard when someone implies, “How DARE your sins be different than mine”! The only difference is that Tiger’s sin made the news. For Pete’s sake, people – Stop JUDGING somebody that you don’t even personally know. Take care of your own life! That will probably be a full-time job.

  12. Anonymous Says:

    Enough already. Let it go.

  13. Renelda Moorehead Says:

    Tiger looks so, how shall I put it?–effeminate. Maybe he is
    having sexual identity problems. I never thought of Tiger Woods as being a black American. And he doesn’t either. So,
    what’s the big deal? Or did Tiger Woods get an NAACP IMAGE AWARD–THE BLACK STAMP OF APPROVAL?

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